Advisors / Development Managers / Receivers

Over the past 27 years, Wald Realty Advisors has worked with over 200 firms, families, lenders and public agencies – as advisor, project or development manager, broker, asset manager, or state or federal court receiver.

We are most often called upon for real estate projects which require a very high level of expertise, experience, time and attention.

Among other things, we are acknowledged experts in the management, completion, repositioning and sale of challenging construction and development projects, notably including for-sale condominium and tract housing subdivisions.

Over the years our experience has grown to encompass most asset types, including condominiums, tract housing, apartments, retail, office (incl. high-rise), industrial, public storage, oil & gas fields, ranch land, marinas & marine industrial facilities and schools.

For more information, please call David Wald at 310-230-3400 x301.

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